CBD CBD Oil Tinctures | 1000mg

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Improve your digestion and prevent gas build-up and irritable bowel syndrome with 1000mg CBD Oil Tinctures in four different flavours.

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CBD CBD Oil Tinctures | 1000mg

Made in USA


Enjoy an all-you-can-eat buffet without worrying about bloating or slow digestion.


With Hudu’s 1000mg CBD Oil Tinctures, you can:


● Eat your favourite foods without paying the price later

● Enjoy dinner with the family because you can eat everything served

● Go out for dinner with friends and order savoury meals from the menu

● Enjoy regular bowel movements

● And much more


1000mg CBD Oil Tincture’s refreshing combination of natural and organic ingredients

helps you stay on top of your game. It helps to boost your energy, keep you focused, and fight

off illnesses.


● MCT Oil


MCT oil includes peptide YY and leptin that eliminate your food cravings. Therefore, you never have to worry about gaining weight.


● Grapeseed Oil


Packed with vitamin E and omega-6, grapeseed oil protects you from toxins that float around in the air. It helps maintain your strong immune system, so you stay healthy all year round. Therefore, you will never get sick and miss another event or opportunity to network.


● Stevia


This plant-based sweetener makes Tranquil Mint CBD Oil Tinctures tasty, while keeping

your blood sugar in check. It also regulates your blood sugar levels, so you won’t feel

dizzy and numb. You will never have to worry about your insulin levels or expanding



● CBD Hemp Oil


CBD hemp oil is made from the stalks and stems of hemp plants and has added

properties such as omega-3, vitamin E, iron, and other minerals. It promotes a healthy

heart, so you feel better and more energized.


● Flavours: 


  • Tranquil Mint: The mint found in Hudu’s Tranquil Mint CBD Oil Tincture product is a mixture of menthol, menthone, and limonene. When combined, they provide a refreshing and soothing sensation. Mint supports your digestive system. It prevents the uncomfortable gas build-up that results in frequent bathroom trips. With Tranquil Mint CBD Oil Tinctures, experience no more uncomfortable nights because of stomach discomfort. These ingredients keep you focused, help you stay calm and stress-free, and support your strong immunity.


  • Orange: Orange essential oil gives a pleasant smell and palatable citrus taste to your Orange CBD Oil Tincture.


  • Natural: The original Hemp oil flavour no added essential.


  • Lemon: This essential oil provides a citrus taste and smell for Hudu Lemon CBD Tincture.