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About Hemp

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Hemp isn't just a plant. Today Hemp is a driving force in our industry. It lends its powers to us so that we may provide you with natural and organic solutions to your health problems and much more.

To use Hemp products is to make a choice. A choice to embrace a lifestyle that stands for health and well being. There is nothing more certain than the benefits of Hemp products when delivered by modern technology.

To use Hemp products is to let go off the pain from yesterday and to be free to do what you want to do tomorrow. Join the rising wave of people who are already using Hemp products. Don't become left behind. You deserve to be on top of the wave. To do that, you need to stay informed. That's precisely why this page exists. Give it a quick read and expand your knowledge now.

What is hemp?

Hemp is a strain from the Cannabis family that has been around for thousands of years. It is typically found in the Northern hemisphere. Hemp has been known for its resilience and fast growth to our ancestors.

The earliest civilizations in Mesopotamia, China, and India all used Hemp as a fiber to make clothes, ropes, sails, and paper. Its medicinal qualities were also well known and it would be used as a form of anesthetic.

Today we have mastered the secrets of Hemp. We use its sturdy fibers just like our ancestors but we have uncovered much more opportunities to use Hemp. With Hemp, we can make nearly everything from building materials to bio-fuel. Yet this is not why Hemp has become so popular lately...

It’s the healing qualities of Hemp that have allowed us to use Hemp extract to offer modern medicinal solutions. Through science, we have found out how to make this extract into CBD oil, which has a wide array of benefits.

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol or CBD is one of the many cannabinoid compounds that can be found in Cannabis. There are more than a 100 of such cannabinoids within the plant and all of them have certain effects. CBD is the second most abundant of them, following only after tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

Most people have only heard about THC due to its psychoactive qualities. In other words, it's the reason you feel high when smoking Cannabis. CBD, on the other hand, does not have any psychoactive effects but adds much more benefits to the table.

Benefits of CBD

CBD has been carefully studied in the last few decades and the results have been very promising. CBD is known to affect CB1 and CB2 receptors in your brain and body that cause a variety of beneficial effects. The effects of CBD include pain relief and anti-inflammatory action. On top of that, it combats anxiety and depression.

CBD helps with sleeping disorders such as insomnia or irregular sleeping patterns. Among other benefits, CBD also acts as an appetite booster which can be life-saving in cases of bulimia and anorexia. CBD research is still ongoing and still has much potential for innovation and exploration.

What is CBD oil?

CBD oil can be extracted from Hemp seeds or from the entire Hemp plant. The difference between the two is that Hemp seed oil contains zero THC and is referred to as CBD isolate oil. That is ideal for people who strictly need CBD only.

On the other hand, when the entire Hemp plant is used in the process the oil is referred to as full-spectrum CBD oil. This type of oil utilizes the combined effects of all the cannabinoids working together. Both types are great and can offer solutions, tailored to your personal health problems.

CBD oil is one of the easiest ways to enjoy the benefits of CBD. It is admissioned as drops, food supplements or applied directly to the skin. This makes it very easy to use and safe, as you are in control of how much CBD you take in. CBD oil is by far the most popular choice for CBD beginners.


Our 6-Steps to the Finest Quality CBD

We use entirely natural farming practices without adding any harmful chemicals to our plants. Only the purest material is allowed to continue down the manufacturing process. You can taste the difference!
After harvest, we extract the best out of the Hemp plants. The material is rid of any imperfections and passed down the production line. This way we ensure the early removal of inferior quality products.
Co2 Extraction
Our Hemp extract then goes through a process known as CO2 extraction which pulls out the desired phytochemicals from the Hemp plant. This allows us to concentrate on the healing powers of CBD.
When extracting the CBD from the Hemp plants we make sure that any traces of the psychoactive ingredient THC are removed from the final product. That way you don't have to worry about any psychoactive effects.
3rd Party Testing
Once we have finished the plant extraction process we make sure to test our materials at independent 3rd party labs because we want to achieve transparency and objective results.
Finally, we use a process called nanoemulsion to filter, disinfect and purify our products from any bacteria that could have slipped in the end product. This ensures that you receive the maximum benefits of our products.