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Hemp & Marijuana – Insider Secrets For Cannabis Lovers

Marijuana is Cannabis

Are you confused about all the information online about Hemp, Cannabis, and Marijuana? That’s only natural. Dozens of websites spread fake news. Have you read about the differences between Cannabis and Marijuana?
That’s one of the oldest confusions out there.
Cannabis and Marijuana are the same. Marijuana is just the Mexican slur for Cannabis. It grew in popularity in the US to alienate the public from Cannabis. It’s racism embedded in discourse.
Cannabis and Marijuana are interchangeable. This article doesn’t deal with false comparisons.
Keep reading to find out how hemp fits in the bigger picture.

Hemp is also Cannabis

Believe it or not, Hemp plants are also part of the Cannabis family. That’s right. Your great-grandma was wearing clothes made from Cannabis. Well, Hemp to be precise.
Cannabis includes a broad family of plants — It has many different strains. Hemp is just another strain.
What’s the difference between Cannabis strains?
One of the popular ways in which we make distinctions between Cannabis strains is the THC content. THC is the ingredient in Cannabis that gets you “high”. Naturally, Cannabis users compare strains regarding how “high” they can get them. Being high isn’t just a matter of how much; it has many more variables and distinct effects.
That’s why Cannabis Cup competitions exist. Growers compete to see who has the best Cannabis strain. The Cannabis Cup competition categories from 2004 include:
  • Overall Cannabis Cup
  • Indica Cup
  • Sativa Cup
  • Import Hash cup
Note that after 2004, the categories get more detailed and are expanded. But for the sake of simplicity we’ve left them out.

How do you compare Marijuana and Hemp?

The key to this question lies partly in the last paragraph. It is about the THC content in the end. Today, when someone talks about Marijuana, they are talking about Cannabis that is rich in THC.
When you go to a Coffee shop in Denver, you ask about strains that will get you high or stoned. Some of those strains are strong enough to put you to sleep on the spot.
Hemp is a different story. The most popular hemp strains today are known as Industrial Hemp.
Hemp is considered industrial when its THC content is less than 0.3%. What that practically means is that there is no way to get high from smoking hemp. You'll burn your lungs and get red eyes from the smoke if you try to smoke it.
Note that the word industrial doesn't imply that the hemp has been grown in a dirty factory. It has nothing to do with the source of the hemp. It refers to the purpose of hemp. It has many uses in different industries.
You can make it into clothes, ropes, shoes, paper, biofuel. That's all because of the sturdy fabric of the hemp stalks.
Visually Hemp and Marijuana are different. When you see an Indica Marijuana strain— it's short, wide, has dark green leaves. It has many buds that are covered in resin. Many leaves collect sunlight.
Hemp, on the other hand, has lighter green leaves. The leaves are also thinner and rarer. There is much more stalk material in hemp plants than there is in Marijuana plants.

Both Marijuana and Hemp have medicinal qualities

You probably know that medicinal Marijuana is a medical form of Cannabis plant. It has qualities that suppress chronic pain, anxiety, depression. It boosts your appetite and can relax you deeply. You can get these effects just by smoking Marijuana.
Hemp can also give you the same results, thanks to the technology of the day. Hemp is rich in CBD, a compound in the hemp plant with many benefits. The CBD can be extracted from the hemp and infused into other products like oils, capsules, pills and many more. This way, you can get most of the Marijuana benefits, with none of the psychoactive effects.

It’s all Cannabis in the end

As discussed earlier, Cannabis is the name for a whole family of plants. It includes many different strains that we compare by their THC content. Hemp is a strain of Cannabis that has less than 0.3% of Cannabis. It has no psychoactive effects but many health benefits. It's widely used in many industries. Marijuana, on the other hand, is also Cannabis. Usually, by Marijuana, we refer to Cannabis strains that are high in THC content. Recreational Marijuana strains have more than 20% THC often.