Can You Use CBD At Work?

Hudu Nutritions. Admin

Are you work-reliable with CBD?

Taking CBD at your workplace

There are many reasons to consider taking CBD at your workplace. It might be a Monday morning for you, and you need to deal with the upcoming stress. A few drops of CBD oil and you will be much calmer and less anxious. All the little things that go wrong at the start of your day won’t bother you as much as normal. This can help you become much more focused.

Another reason to use CBD at work is that it alleviates pain. CBD is not an opioid, so your mind is as bright as ever. Overall CBD can be a great way to boost your work efficiency. As far as it is safe and reliable, you shouldn’t worry about CBD. It’s not like taking coke and working at Wall Street. Not to forget that CBD has neuroprotective properties that makes it ideal for you if you have to deal with a lot of stress at work.

What to look out for?

Currently, CBD is in a peculiar stage. The Hemp plant got legalized on the federal level at the US with the Farm Bill in 2018. However, CBD isn’t out of the woods yet. The problem is that you can make CBD oil from Cannabis plants as well as from Hemp plants. CBD that is made from Hemp plants should be perfectly legal. The reason for that is the low THC content in Hemp. Industrial Hemp has only about 0.3% of THC.

THC is the compound that reacts with your brain and gets you high. This makes Hemp CBD oil perfectly safe for work, without any psychoactive side-effects. On the other hand, there’s Cannabis CBD oil, which is illegal. There the THC content can be much higher. This can potentially give you unwanted side effects.

A lot of bad things can happen to you if you end up high at work. You might be working with dangerous machinery and risk injuring yourself. Or you need to be very precise, and the THC will take away your focus and ability to concentrate. It’s not like you’ll be stoned, but you’ll be less sharp than normal.

Take CBD at work with a grain of salt

The biggest problem with THC is that it’s illegal. Most drug tests check for THC in your saliva, blood, and urine. CBD, on the other hand, does not show up on any of these tests. In theory, everything sounds well – just take CBD products without THC, and you’ll be fine. The problem here is that the CBD industry is a mess. There’s a lot of instances where companies mislabel their products and put more THC or less CBD or both.

This can be the difference between passing and failing a drug test at work. The FDA has posted a warning list to help protect you as a consumer. Be sure to do your own research beforehand. Research a company that you plan to order from. Make sure that it has a good reputation. Check out other reviews and make an informed choice. Otherwise, your job could be on the line. Make the right choice and stay safe.